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Sunny Bunnies Get Busy.

Key Facts

Genre: arts and crafts videos with downloadable templates
Produced by: Animation Café
Distributed by: Media I.M. Inc.
Episodes: 100 shorts of various length
Format: live action (actor hands) with CGI Animation elements
Target: Kids 3-6

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Please visit Sunny Bunnies website:


Sunny Bunnies – the funny characters from the hit pre-school comedy show are not all about playing and joking around. In a new spin-off series of mini-episodes – ‘Sunny Bunnies Get Busy’ – the characters are on hand to entertain and engage viewers in various colourful and creative activities and inspire children to ‘Get Busy’.

There are a wide-range of activity videos including how to draw a bunny, how to make bunny ears and even a cute bunny toy. The videos are delightfully simple, with clear, easy to follow instructions and descriptions and free downloadable templates (where applicable).

An engaging combination of live action demonstrations and the familiar Sunny Bunnies animation, these fun and creative activities will help children (and parents) to create a wide range of crafts and drawings – kids can use them as presents, decorations or build their own unique Sunny Bunnies world! ‘Come on Sunny Bunnies everywhere – Get Busy!’